Loving our community by sharing the Hope which transforms hearts



Loving our community by sharing the Hope which transforms hearts


Sharing Hope

Jesus is the hope of the world. Everything we do is aimed at sharing that hope with one another, our neighbors and the world.

Transforming hearts

We long to see everyone we meet engaged in the vibrant, dynamic journey of God's transformation.


Loving our community

One day every person in our community will know what Jesus' love looks like because they've seen it in us.





Transforming Truth

Powerful-We value the whole Bible as God's word--true and powerful to transform hearts and lives.

Practical-We teach what the Bible says, what it means and what it means in our lives.

Personal-We invite everyone into an everyday personal relationship with God that is freeing and life-changing.


Inspiring Devotion

Movement-We expect healthy believers to be in the process of transformational growth that includes regular corporate worship, small group study, serving and sharing the Gospel.

Membership-We value commitment to the local church as a vital part of devotion to Christ that inspires growth.

Multiplication-We carve out time to mentor others allowing God to inspire in us a greater devotion to Him and to one another.


Pursuing Love

Passion-We reorder our lives to build relationships with those outside the church to reflect a Savior who came "to seek and to save the lost."

Presence-We intentionally make ourselves available in our community to show Jesus' love.

Pleasant welcome-In every area of ministry, we are diligent to welcome those outside the faith as Jesus did.


Enduring Friendship

Love-We stick together in love by growing in the "one anothers" of Scripture, practicing biblical conflict resolution and embracing loving, restorative church discipline.

Laughter-We make the time to share food, laughter and joy together because we know these are key ingredients to authentic community.

Life together-Life together include more than mere Sunday morning attendance but also being there for one another through life's joy and pain.



We are a Christ-centered, Bible-teaching community.

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We are a Christ-centered, Bible-teaching community.

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Pastor Picture for Church Website.jpg

Pastor Alan Lutz and his wife Cheryl came to Crystal Cove in August 2016 after serving
churches in Texas, Missouri, Indiana, and Georgia over the past thirty years. Alan had
worked closely with Crystal Cove’s founding pastor, Phil Engelman, in Georgia
beginning in 2011, and this is the connection that led to the church inviting Pastor
Alan to serve initially as pulpit supply then as interim pastor for nine months. He was
called as the new senior pastor and installed on July 30, 2017.

Alan and Cheryl have been married for twenty eight years and raised four children.
Cheryl grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas, and has a degree as an Early Childhood
Specialist. Alan was raised in central Indiana and came to the Lord through the
ministry of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship at Butler University. There he earned a
teacher’s certificate in Spanish. He then served in a missions program in Santa Fe,
New Mexico, after which he went on to Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis,
Missouri, where he graduated in 1986.

Cheryl has been highly involved in children’s and women’s ministries in the churches
they’ve served, and is a certified lay-counselor through Light University. She has also
been trained in writing and speaking through the Proverbs 31 Ministries and their She
Speaks Conferences. Cheryl is an avid reader and in the process of writing her own life

Pastor Alan has served congregations as senior pastor and church planter. He has also
taught in Christian schools and been involved in cross-cultural theological education in
Haiti for the past twelve years, and serves as a professor there through Miami
International Seminary (MINTS). In addition to his passion for preaching and teaching
the Scriptures and shepherding Christ’s flock, he loves to read biographies and church
history, play his guitar and sing, and enjoy outdoor sports and landscaping.

“God moved in a remarkable way to unite us to this precious church family, and we are
so grateful to Him for the opportunity to serve our Lord Jesus Christ and His people at
Crystal Cove! We seek ‘to know Him and to make Him known’ here in Palm Harbor
area. May God’s blessing be upon us all as we ‘grow in the grace and knowledge of our
Lord and Savior Jesus Christ’! Pastor Alan and Cheryl Lutz